Winter has arrived in the land of the long white cloud. All the cute twinks, bearded bears and luscious lipstick lesbians are covering up – what a pity! Unfortunately for us, keeping warm in winter by finding a bed mate is not the solution for starving off ill’s and chill’s or keeping on top of your health, (but it certainly doesn’t hurt!). Here are some tried and true tricks to help you stay healthy this winter.

This month we are talking about being a Winter Warrior, rather than a Winter Worrier. So how do we keep the dreaded lurgies away? Maybe a Flu Shot, or one of mum’s home remedies? Or perhaps just go on an island holiday and come back in October or November when it’s warmer?

First off, the flu shot isn’t for everyone, and neither is it 100% effective.  Have a good read and do some research on what the flu shot is all about. As for mum’s home cures – unless she is chanting over a boiling broth and adding eye of newt – the likelihood is you will just feel better for being a little pampered.


Actually, research shows that during winter you need to pretty much do what you do in summer, with only small adjustments.

Keep moving: Exercise will help keep you moving on those colder days, raise body temperatures and of course keep the happy endorphins flowing. Don’t overdo it – but try to maintain the same activities you love in summer.

Eat well: It’s easier to add in hot stodgy food during winter, or sit in front of the TV with a block of chocolate and a glass of wine. For the love of padding, please don’t! Try to keep the healthy eating routine going. There are many reasons to veg out with junk food, but there are ten times more reasons to keep eating clean.

Plan ahead: Think about what you want to come out of winter as; the caterpillar or the butterfly? By planning now and keeping the goals alive you will be able to ride out those colder winter months and emerge in the spring looking just as good as when you went into autumn!

Keep the shelves stocked: Sometimes, even with the best preparation and planning, ill’s and chills can creep up on us. Make sure you have a few natural remedies that can help you through. A viral defence product is Olive Leaf extract which, among other things, will support the body when the viral load is higher. Remember that a cold is a virus, not a bacterial infection, so antibiotics will not work. Also add in something that can soothe a sore throat – Manuka Honey or Colloidal Silver can be beneficial.  Finally, a good probiotic right throughout the year will help to keep your motor running – after all the gut is the engine of our immune system!

Drink: And I am not talking about alcohol! Keep your water intake up because it will keep your insides ticking along. Just because we aren’t getting dehydrated from the sun doesn’t mean we aren’t getting dehydrated.  Many offices have heat pumps which can often dry you out.


So have a great winter, enjoy the snow if you visit it, and the roaring fires if you have them. Cuddle with a loved one (or a convenient one) and stay healthy!