UN’s Egyptian Envoy Boycotts Mandate to Monitor Anti-Gay Violence


Amr Ramadan, Egypt’s ambassador to the UNHRC, refused to participate in the selection process of the UN’s new monitor of anti-gay violence.

A five member human rights committee announced that Thai law professor Vitit Muntarbhorn will become the UN’s first monitor against anti-gay violence, however this choice was made without the help of the Egyptian diplomat.

Ramadan said that a mandate on protecting GLBT people from violence and discrimination is “contrary to [his] convictions and the values [he] stands for.”


He said that by appointing a monitor of anti-gay violence is “beyond universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms,” and shows “utter disregard to the principle of universality of internationally agreed human rights.”

Ramadan said that the OIC, the powerful Islamic bloc comprised of 56 UN member states and the Palestinian Authority—”shall boycott this mandate and shall not recognize its creation nor cooperate or interact with it in any form.”

“The Islamic states’ boycott of a mandate to protect gays from being attacked or killed is morally indefensible,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a Geneva-based human rights group.

“Moreover, for those states which are members of the Human Rights Council—like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE—their refusal to cooperate with the mandate is an express breach of their obligations.”

“If Egypt is officially boycotting a UN human rights expert, it should fully resign from the committee that selects them,” said Neuer.

Source | UN Watch