Body Positive will be hosting the Puāwai Festival at Te Pou Theatre in New Lynn from 29 November through to 3 December. The schedule:

  • Tuesday 29 November: an oral history of HIV in New Zealand, hosted by Steven Oates, and a panel including Michael Bancroft and Judith Ackroyd
  • Wednesday 30 November: Spoken Word night as well as an education workshop about HIV itself
  • Thursday 1 December: Gala Cabaret – The Upside Down, similar to Broadway Backwards, which is held in New York City
  • Friday 2 December: Comedy night along with live music
  • Saturday 3 December: Members’ revue event

For further information and details on the events themselves, check out their Facebook page. Tickets for the cabaret night on Thursday, and comedy night on Friday, can be found on iTicket.

Remember to have your coins at the ready for the World AIDS Day collection on Thursday 1 December! express will be hitting the streets with the other awesome volunteers.