Lacey Baker’s Powerful onePULSE Print

Lacey Baker Print onePULSE Foundation

26-year-old Lacey Baker is no stranger to making a stand for what she believes in. She is an avid skateboarder amongst a mostly male-dominated sport, and stands strong when it comes to supporting gender equality.

As a well-recognised voice in the LGBT+ community, Baker is showing her love for Pride month with the help of photographer, Samuel McGuire. They came up with a powerful idea for a print featuring Baker mid-skate, with rainbow smoke flares trailing behind her – inspired by Gilbert Baker’s original flag design.

“I was talking with Lacey Baker about the idea when she told me her friend had his coming out party at the club that night and luckily, was one of the survivors however, some of his friends weren’t,” McGuire said. “I knew the photo had to be with Lacey and so we teamed up to make this photo.”

He continues, “I want people of all ages, from all backgrounds, to look at this picture and feel inspired. I really hope that when the LGBT+ community see this photo, they feel a fire to continue to move forward together.”


Their goal is to raise $4,900 dollars for the onePULSE Foundation to help set up a memorial, as well as many other needs for those affected.

The onePULSE website claims that the foundation was made to “create a sanctuary of hope around this tragic day in American history, which honours the 49 lives that were taken, the 68 injured victims, the affected survivors and the first responders and healthcare professionals who cared for the victims.”

All donations that are made to onePULSE help to support both the maintenance and construction of the official memorial site, and a soon-to-be future museum, which will hold artefacts and stories from the tragic event.

“Be proud every month, but especially this month.”

McGuire’s prints are available online to purchase here as a tribute to those who lost their lives. Varying in sizes, they range from $10 to $100, or alternatively a $1 purchase can get you a high-res digital download.