Randa (Mainard Larkin) has been shaking up the music scene with their nostalgic pop-culture filled raps and colourful aesthetic. Taking out the Critics Choice Prize at the Vodafone Music Awards in 2014, they’ve been outdoing themself every year since. A big fan of the Tasteful Bakehouse PieFee, Randa is your soundtrack for summer.

Your tracks play on repeat in our minds, what’s the most random moment that has inspired one of your songs?

Wow! Great question, ahh… my workmate Lucy gave me the nickname ‘Angel Boy’ after I bleached my hair. She totally inspired the track, which is sort of about struggling to love yourself, being self-destructive while still celebrating and embracing your identity.

If Instagram tells us anything it’s that you’re a major fan of the PieFee, can you talk us through what makes the Krd creation so good?


The PieFee is delicious, super original and unlike any other dessert treat, I’ve ever tasted. Imagine a pie-shaped cookie shell, coated with a thin layer of toffee, chocolate… and then, as if that isn’t dreamy enough, a coffee/hot beverage of your choice is poured inside. I love having one with my friends and seeing how they go about tasting it. Some people go straight for the sip followed by a little nibble of the cup, others attack the froth with a spoon! It’s so dang yum, I love how the hot drink slowly disintegrates the biscuit and melts through the chocolate making it a crumbly ooey gooey experience!

You’re always looking fresh, onstage and on the street, and I don’t think I’ve met anyone who does colour coordination quite like you (Airwaves and Dickies), where do you get your inspiration? 

I get my inspiration from the internet, as well as people watching in my daily life. I find style incredibly fascinating when an outfit and colour combo is consciously created by someone, and also when it’s not! Branding as a concept blows my mind, like, it’s often so cringe-worthy and I love that, the idea of being a brand loyalist – that’s hilarious! I love it. And yes, Dickies forever… always.

Tell us about your love of the US, where did that come from? 

I have no idea, growing up I loved watching Home Alone 2. The same home recording on VHS, every day after kindergarten with the old TV3 ads included. Good memories. America is fucked up but there are a lot of magical people there with massive hearts beating inside of their chests. My best friends from Dirty Girls Project live in California, I’m constantly pining for them.

What are your plans for the summer?

Write music, go swimming, eat yum food, and review energy drinks via Instagram. @larzranda, no shame.