Over 100,000 individuals have reportedly gathered and marched in solidarity aiming to persuade the nation of Taiwan to vote in favour of marriage equality ahead of a series of referendums.

Reported by Taipei Times, the mass equality rally was organised by the Gender Equality Education Coalition, and included musicians, politicians, and filmmakers.

“We hope to protect every family and ensure they are respected equally,” the coalition said. It expressed hope that the rally would “help heal all the pain caused by the increased political polarisation and misinformation spread by conservative groups.”


Taiwan is being asked to vote on five LGBTI-related polls on Saturday, 24 November 2019, with two aiming to limit marriage equality and another to restrict LGBTI inclusion in Taiwan’s school curriculum.

The other two contrasting referenda are asking the public to support same-sex marriage and LGBTI-affirming education.

The referendums follow the nation’s top court, the Council of Grand Justices’, landmark ruling that stated that the government had two years to change the law to enact marriage equality, meaning Taiwan would become the first nation in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage.

While the government agreed to abide by the ruling, commentators note that the results of Saturday’s referendums could become a catalyst for the Government to introduce watered down legislation, falling short of full marriage equality.