Auckland Pride Board Treasurer Matty Jackson stands down over the decision, as other community members take to social media to voice their displeasure.

In a statement on Facebook, Auckland Pride Board Member Matty Jackson has announced his decision to step down following the board’s majority vote to ban NZ Police from marching in the parade in uniform.

“I feel strongly about the decisions that were made and stand by my decision to support the police marching in uniform.”


I can’t honestly support the decisions that were made. My values and that of Auckland Pride are no longer aligned and this is not a decision I have made lightly,” Jackson in part of a longer statement that called for community members to be ‘kind’.

“Being on a board is a difficult role and we all need to be kind to one another. I’ve seen the comments from both sides and whether you support or don’t support the board’s decision please be kind, all of the board are volunteers!”

Numerous community members contacted express to complain about the board’s decision; while others took to social media. While some have openly expressed support for the decision, on social media (including Auckland Pride’s own Facebook page) they have been vastly outnumbered by those who oppose it. Notable comments have included:

“I support the Pride Board’s decision to encourage the New Zealand Police force to be more creative and think outside the box! The Police need to change gears mentally and realise they are in a RAINBOW PARADE, a rainbow world and see this as an opportunity, not a restriction.”

“It’s interesting to note that the Police and Fire And Ambulance floats seem to get the biggest crowd responses and Photo opps. I’m appalled and from now on will NOT support this organisation.”

“How about banning Jacinda? Her government enjoys trade and diplomatic relations with countries with appalling human rights records… Ban AirNZ. Burning aviation fuel contributes to climate change… Ban Westpac for the whole Global Financial Crisis…”

“Auckland Pride has lost the plot. There are people from many many countries who would cry with joy to see their police and military forces join in the parade and show support. F.F.S. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND SHOW SOME JOY.”

“The Police come off as the better party in this… It’s not too late to back down Auckland Pride Festival you will not lose face – well not unless you force them out. This is sad. We welcomed them last year, you even used the car in your promotional material….come on… uniforms are ok. #policeatpride

Do you agree with the Auckland Pride Board majority decision?

The Board is encouraging people wishing to discuss this decision to join in the next Auckland Pride Facebook LIVE session on Sunday 18 November: