The 2007 video has been sold for $41,000 (US dollars).

Chris Crocker of ‘leave Britney Alone’ fame has sold the 2007 video for $41,000 (US dollars).

The video which shows Crocker crying out ‘leave Britney alone’ was one of youtube’s first viral videos.


The video was sold using NFTs also known as non-fungible tokens which uses blockchains to certify that a piece of digital art is original and not a copy.

NFTs are usually sold using cryptocurrency. 

The sale of the video is the first time Crocker has made money off it, as it was not monetised on YouTube when released in 2007.

The video was sold so Crocker could reclaim ownership and put to bed the years of abuse they had received from some people following its release.

“I felt like a lot of people might misconstrue why I wanted to sell it,” Crocker told Business Insider.

“I felt like I took a lot of hits — you know, literal hits,” explaining they had been “physically assaulted at gay clubs” and received death threats.

Money from the sale will go towards helping Crocker’s Grandma and also partially funding a gender transition.

Crocker says they don’t identity as a man or a woman but will continue to present as male “until all my ducks are in a row.”

“I do feel like a woman on the inside, but I do present aesthetically male,” Crocker told Business Insider.

Crocker there were a number of reasons preventing transitioning.  “Many factors such as my surroundings, what I do for work (adult entertainment) & other things, are not ideal for me to transition UNTIL some situations change … I am however now in therapy and if I have to play the part of a male aesthetically until all my ducks are in a row. I can do that.”

Crocker has been working in the adult entertainment industry since 2014.