Despite preaching that Jesus and conversion therapy can give “freedom from homosexual and transgender lifestyles,” – “Ex-gay” leader Jeffrey McCall has admitted that he still sleeps with men.

The self-titled “former homosexual” and “former transgender woman” Jeffrey McCall, who founded the group Freedom March – an organisation that holds marches to oppose bans on conversion therapy and describes itself as “a diverse group of Jesus followers who have been delivered from LGBTQ identities,” has confirmed that he still sleeps with men. 

McCall, who is best known for his appearance in the Netflix conversion therapy documentary Pray Away, made the revolution on his Facebook page, telling followers that he wanted “to share about my falling short of the glory of God”, and admitted to “giving [his] heart away” to a straight man he was “trying to help.”

“After denying what I wanted with him, I then went on to fall sexually with a man when I felt wounded and lonely. This led to multiple falls with men over time,” McCall stated.


While the hypocrisy is not lost on many, McCall insisted that he was still an “ex-gay” and added that he is “just a peasant who tried to help save people eternal lives and point them to Jesus all while going through my own process.”

Jeffrey McCall at Freedom March
Jeffrey McCall at a “Freedom March”

“This falling short of the glory of God is not dictating my future. I have no plans or desires to return to my old life. If anything, it makes me never want to fall into that sin ever again.”

Speaking out against McCall, Wayne Besen, who is the Executive director of Truth Wins Out – an anti-conversion therapy organisation describes McCall as “a self-serving con artist who runs a fraudulent organisation that preys on vulnerable and desperate LGBTQ people who grow up in religious homes.”

“If McCall had an ounce of integrity, he’d apologise for his rank hypocrisy and shut down his odious Freedom March racket before it ruins more lives.”

“McCall’s own actions prove that he has no ability to ‘help’ anyone, starting with himself,” Besen concludes.