Rainbow Awakening has set up a daily dinner gathering on K Road in memory of loved ones lost to AIDS-related illnesses.

“It began with a small group of gay men who got together to talk about loved ones they had lost to AIDS. We felt that some of the chief underlying causes were – lack of value in the family, lack of value in society, and exhaustion from overworking to survive in the city. We decided to build a close-knit brotherhood of men who love men, on a foundation of well-being and self-empowerment. We wish to build friendships for life, where members can feel a true sense of belonging.

“They offer a community pot-luck meal every day. The main venue is near Karangahape Road. The meal is followed by a sharing circle where each person may speak. We offer a safe and friendly space to support each other through Covid and other life issues.


“We are building relationships with rainbow-friendly counselors, social workers, doctors, holistic health practitioners, and community groups. These professionals can then refer people to our meal if they wish.

“The group has a Circle of Guardians composed of Auckland community leaders. Our chief mentor is a former MP who helped build the 2004 Civil Union Bill. One member of the Circle is a leader at Odyssey House residential addiction recovery service. Another is a manager at the Merge Cafe that offers subsidised community meals on K’ Road Monday to Friday.

“The daily gathering is hosted by Rainbow Awakening, an earth-based spiritual lineage rooted in the LGBT+ community. We warmly welcome inquiries from all people in the Rainbow community, as well as hetero allies. We support Takataapui to reclaim their pre-colonial Whakapapa and Tipuna. We have already had interest from lesbians interested in
building a similar meal based on earth-based ancestry, as well as trans persons, non-binary and hetero people. We anticipate that in years to come there could be several groups. From time to time all groups can choose to come together and celebrate as one Rainbow whanau.

“We welcome all people, including those with no history of chemical dependency. For those wishing to let go of substance addiction, we have an abstinence-based Recovery Circle.”

The group meets from 6pm Monday to Friday and from 12 noon on Weekends. For more information, email or text 021 388 694.