They say money makes the world go round, but if we were to take a closer look, we’d discover chocolate and coffee actually play pretty significant roles too. In fact, when you realise there is an entire festival celebrating both, you know they’ve got to be important!

The ever-popular Chocolate and Coffee festival is celebrating ten years of the perfect combination of flavours, meaning there is no better time to visit Auckland’s Cloud and celebrate some of New Zealand’s finest artisan chocolatiers, coffee roasters and producers of all the incredible treats that go so well with them all under one roof.

Samples, tastings, demonstrations and special show prices will entice those with a taste for the finer things and put some pep into your step.


C&C 2

Annabelle White and her team of chef friends will show you some of her most memorable recipes, hints, tips and tricks in the kitchen, and the VIP Lounge will be serving up wine, cheese and treats all day for when you need a respite with benefits.

This year, express readers can expand their knowledge and taste buds with a unique multi-sensory chocolate pairing experience. The fun and educational one-hour session will guide you through the subtleties and complexities of matching the finest ingredients in the world: chocolate and wine.

Wine expert Angelo Minelli has carefully curated a unique selection of high-quality wines to accompany your chocolate pairing journey, creating a flavour experience you’ll never forget.

If you love wine and chocolate, this 60-minute experience is not to be missed – limited tickets are available for three sessions on each of the two days.

If you are a chocolate and coffee lover looking for a day of exploration and indulgence, the Chocolate & Coffee Show is the place to be! Tickets to the show are available online at

General Entry $24, Seniors and Students $20, Masterclass $50, VIP Lounge $60

The Chocolate and Coffee Festival is proudly supported by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited.