The winner and finalists of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Season 2 talk exclusively to express about sisterhood, Down Under Drag and Revealing a winner – baby!

Congratulations to the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Season 2 Spankie ‘Mother Tucking’ Jackzon!

Speaking to exclusively to express about their Drag Race journey Spankie said: “It just makes me really emotional because it’s beyond my wildest dreams… I knew I had the talent, but when it comes to Drag Race, there’s a combination of clothes, runways and talent.”


“There are no words. I’m so touched and humbled, who would have thought I would have created this reaction from people who have connected with little Spanky Jackson with no pants on! I’m just so grateful and honoured to represent New Zealand and Australia,” she says of her success on the show.

Spankie Jackzon beat out fellow finalists Kween Kong and Hannah Konda.

Sydney drag scene star Hannah Conda tells us that being on Drag Race Down Under has been, “the most bizarre, overwhelming, fabulous experience I’ve ever had in my whole entire life.”

“I love my Kiwi fans!” She tells us, thanking Aoteaora for the support she has felt from across the pond.

Hannah admits this is not the result she was hoping for: “We were hoping for a three-way tie because that would be iconic!”

“We love working together the three of us and it’s very natural and easy. We want to stay together as a group. So the girl group (B.A.B’s) is happening and the tour is coming. We’re going to do some music together. It’s gonna be fun!”

“It’s been overwhelming,” fellow finalist Kween Kong tells us of her new found fame!

“People have been so lovely and supportive. You never really realized how many people watch things until now, I literally walk down the street and people recognise you!”

“What they don’t see is the queen sitting in the dressing room struggling with anxiety and depression and having to like duct tape themself together to get up there and deliver that energy.” 

Kween Kong advises any other queens thinking of applying to compete in the Drag Race franchise, “just be honest, authentic, vulnerable and humble!”