The Cabinet Minister is getting hitched to girlfriend RNZ reporter Māni Dunlop.

Justice Minister Kiri Allan is now engaged to her partner Māni Dunlop. 

Ms Dunlop works for Radio New Zealand and has been in a relationship with Ms Allan for about three years. 


The pair live between the East Coast and Wellington with their two daughters.

Māni Dunlop.

Dunlop was the first to take to Instagram to announce the news. 

It’s understood the proposal took place at an unidentified airport as a boarding call for Allan meant the pair weren’t able to get a photo together to celebrate the occasion. 

“Who said romance is dead,” Dunlop said Allan proclaimed as she walked away.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way – love you, love our girls – our whānau and our hectic but lucky lives,” Dunlop wrote. 

“[To be honest] just stoked to be alongside you – and to always having a place for me to land, having my back and being my person. Here’s to us and celebrating properly.”

Allan also posted on social media alongside a photo of Dunlop: “She said yes.”

Kiri Allan was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2021 but has since made a full recovery.