Over 7,000 people have participated in the 2022  EuroPride march in Belgrade, Serbia, despite fears of violence and attempts to cancel the event. 

The event is now being described “as the most important in the event’s 30-year history” by organisers, showing defiance against both the Orthodox Church and nationalist groups who actively opposed EuroPride being held in Serbia and mounted large protests in Belgrade.

The large turnout also follows Serbian President Vučić’s announcement that the event would be cancelled and local Police putting a ban in place for the Pardes route, citing security threats.


Despite all the setbacks, organisers went ahead anyway, seeing thousands head out in support of equality.

Police reportedly made 64 arrests, with ten Police being injured from incidents with anti-LGBTQ+ protestors. No Pride marchers reported any injuries.

Serbian Police

Speaking about the event, EU Commissioner Helena Dall – who also participated in the Parade, said, “EuroPride in Belgrade will go down in history as a turning point for LGBTI+ equality in Serbia and the wider Western Balkans region.”

“We showed that Pride is not a threat to anyone, and whilst we marched peacefully, it was the far right, nationalists and fundamentalist Christians who battled police.” 

Next year’s EuroPride is set to take place in Malta.