RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under has now shortlisted contestants for it’s third season, but competitors must pass psych evaluations and police background checks first.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under will return to our screens this Winter, being shot in New Zealand early next year.

Producers have shortlisted competitors, but they must now go through stringent Police background checks and psych evaluations. 


An exclusive source close to the show tells express, “once the season screens, the queens are given five years of free counselling that they can call up and use anytime they need it.

“We all know how harsh the fanbase can be if they don’t like a queen or think they haven’t behaved the right way on their season… so it’s really important that the show is making sure that the people they cast for the season can handle it.

“Appearing on Drag Race is a life-changing experience, everything changes for those queens even if they are kicked out week one. They need to be as prepared for that as you can be.”

New Zealanders are currently winning 2:0 to Australia on Drag Race Down Under with Kiwi queens Kita Mean and Spankie Jackzon winning seasons One and Two respectively.