Due to a possible breach of its “hateful conduct policy,” Twitch has deleted the ‘gender-critical’ LGB Alliance.

After introducing its option for raising money for charities, the widely used streaming service faced intense criticism for adding the nonprofit organisation to its roster of approved organisations.

However, after viewers discovered that the LGB Alliance and the controversial charity organisation Autism Speaks were both featured among the 130,000 organisations available on the platform, people asked Twitch to change its mind.


On Monday, the 12th of December, a Twitch moderator responded to a post by JessPlayGame that had received more than 16,000 likes by saying that LGB Alliance had been removed after a review of its “hateful behaviour regulations.”

The statement added, “Twitch does not accept charities that engage in or support behaviours that violate our off-service policy, or whose organisation or leadership violates our hateful conduct regulations on Twitch.”

The business representative clarified that the charity’s inclusion was not an “endorsement from Twitch,” but instead that the list was periodically reviewed, and organisations who did not adhere to its principles were taken off.

Journalist Zach Bussey claims that despite this, Autism Speaks appears to still be open for fundraising on the website.

The organisation has frequently come under fire from autism activists who contend that it tries to “eliminate autism” rather than offering assistance to those who are autistic.

Twitch responded to a similar post demanding the company to take Autism Speaks out of the programme, saying: “The scale of this programme may imply that some within our community may not agree with or support all of the featured organisations.”