A congresswoman who cried while pleading with lawmakers to deny gay people the right to marry has come under fire from Democratic politician Pete Buttigieg.

Vicky Hartzler, a Missouri lawmaker, appeared to break down in tears at the idea of gay people enjoying fundamental human rights, and the homosexual transport secretary had plenty to say in response.

Speaking to CNN, Buttigieg expressed his desire for Hartzler to be able to read the touching Medium post his husband published on November 29 in which he discussed their family life and claimed that spending time with them is “the most important experience in my day.”


He declared, “If you believe in family, generosity, and love, then you want to see what happens in millions of families, including mine.”

“The love and the institutional support… binds me and Chasten together.”

“Including through hard times and, you know, a tug of war over who’s going to do the dishes when we’re both exhausted.”

In the post, the Democrat’s spouse expressed his support for Hartzler’s so-called “religious liberties” to deny gay people the right to marry in advance of the Respect for Marriage Act’s final House vote.

Chasten explained in his blog post how for him, marriage is defined by the minor suburban nuances-like domestic chores – along with the incredibly poetic moments of family togetherness.

He claimed that mornings spent “negotiating the day routine” or “stuffing diaper bags” serve as a reminder of the rights that, as a gay married man and a person, he is entitled to.

“I realise how precious this union is and how holy and delicate our unions can be in the eyes of our ever-evolving democracy,” Chasten added.

“We are not yet afforded the pleasure of letting our shoulders down, of taking a breath.”

“We are fully aware that some desperately want to take this away.”