If you like non-penetrative sex, New Zealand is a great place to come.

In a recent roundup of data analysis from their app, Grindr has announced that New Zealand has the second-highest percentage of ‘sides’ of any country in the world where the app is actively used.

‘Sides’ is a recent addition to Grindr’s optional ‘Position’ question, which allows users can label themselves: top, bottom, vers, side, or undisclosed.


‘Side’ refers to people who prefer non-penetrative sex, rather than giving (top) or receiving (btm) anal sex. 

According to Grindr’s user data, New Zealand has the second largest percentage of ‘Sides’ in the world, second to China; ahead of Costa Rica in third.

Elsewhere in Grindr’s data it was revealed the profile tags that users search most for are: ‘hung’, ‘trans’, and ‘feet’.

Meanwhile, the profile tags that most users display are: ‘friends with benefits’, ‘anonymous’, and ‘kissing’.

The countries with the highest percentage of ‘Tops’ were Bolivia, the USA, and South Korea. 

The countries with the highest percentage of ‘Bottoms’ were Denmark, Japan, and Serbia. 

The countries with the highest percentage of ‘Vers’ (users happy to take both the top and bottom positions) were Russia, Finland, and Croatia.