The Beijing LGBT Center, a pioneering organisation in China’s “different sexual orientation movement,” has terminated its operations.

According to reports by Voice of America (VOA), the organisation, which aimed to enhance the living conditions for LGBTQ+ individuals in China, did not provide any explanation for its closure. However, the closure is seen as an outcome reflecting the increasingly repressive political climate under the CCP and President Xi Jinping.

The Beijing LGBT Center took to its social media accounts on Monday (22 May) evening, issuing a statement declaring the cessation of its activities “due to force majeure.”


While the message did not offer specific details on the reasons behind the decision, the legal phrase “force majeure” typically refers to circumstances beyond the control of the involved party. VOA attempted to contact the organisation for further clarification but has not yet received a response.

The organisation’s core initiatives included providing psychological counselling, rapid HIV screening, and “gender-friendly workplace training” to promote gender diversity and combat discrimination. Additionally, the organisation has actively pursued legal action against organisations that administer electroshock therapy to individuals based on their sexual orientation.

Jennifer Lu, the Asia program director of Outright International, an organisation focused on advancing the rights of sexual minorities worldwide, has closely followed developments in China.

In an interview with VOA, Lu expressed her disappointment regarding the sudden closure of the organisation but noted that it came as no surprise, explaining that many activists within the sexual minority community have shared their struggles to organise events in China and have observed a diminishing number of platforms available for voicing their concerns.