Made at a boutique distillery in Graham’s hometown of West Cork in Ireland, the GN Spirits range has a spirit for every kind of cocktail creation!

GN IRISH GIN: This blend of 12 botanicals has a heady combination of kaffir lime and juniper berries, creating a distinctive London Dry style gin.

GN PINK GIN: Made with Irish grain, this pink gin draws flavour from a combination of 14 botanicals, including rose petals and cranberry, giving the gin its pretty blush colour and delicate rose flavour.


GN ORANGE SEVILLE MARMALADE GIN: A delightfully zesty gin infused with marmalade made from premium Seville Oranges. The citrus flavour lingers long after the last drop. Think more Orange Seville than Marmalade!

GN VODKA: Craft distilled the traditional way from Irish potatoes, the GN Vodka is incredibly creamy and smooth – the perfect base spirit for your chosen mixer.

SEVILLE SIPPER: For a refreshing and citrusy option, try making Graham’s Seville Sipper.

• 45mls Graham Norton Marmalade Gin
• 30mls Simple Syrup (equal parts sugar and water)
• 15mls Lemon Juice
• 120mls Sparkling Water or Tonic Water
• Handful of ice cubes
• Optional: Slice of orange or lemon to garnish

1. Prepare your simple syrup by mixing together equal parts of water and sugar.
2. Shake all ingredients, except sparkling water, together.
3. Pour into a tall glass over ice.
4. Top with sparkling water, stir, garnish and enjoy!


AFTER-DARK ESPRESSO MARTINI: Try Graham’s easy yet delicious Espresso Martini for those after-dark moments!

• 60ml Graham Norton Irish Vodka
• 15ml Coffee Liqueur
• 30ml Espresso – freshly brewed or cold brew concentrate
• A handful of ice cubes

1. Combine GN Vodka, coffee liqueur and some espresso in a shaker, along with a few cubes of ice.
2. Shake, pour, and enjoy… cheers!





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