Envy Peru, the winner of Drag Race Holland, has reportedly been targeted in an attack by a group of four individuals in Amsterdam.

The 34-year-old television personality took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 11, to share details of the incident, emphasising the need for progress in the LGBTQ+ community.

According to Envy Peru’s allegations, the attackers brandished a weapon, hurled offensive slurs, and filmed the encounter. Peru stated that even when attempting to distance themselves from the situation, the assailants persisted and continued their assault. Peru expressed shock that only one person came to their defence amidst a bus full of people.


Upon reaching their destination at central station, Peru sensed the individuals following them. One of the attackers then ran toward Peru and kicked them to the ground. Fortunately, four women intervened, driving the assailants away and escorting Peru to safety. Despite the traumatic experience, Peru reassured their followers that they were physically “doing OK.”


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Envy Peru, whose birth name is Boris Itzkovich Escobar, admitted feeling hesitant about reporting the incident due to being a public figure. Nevertheless, as a proud member of the community and a Pride Ambassador, Peru emphasised the importance of speaking out against hate crimes. Peru intends to file a report with the police, providing them with the footage captured during the incident, as they believe these acts of cowardice should not go unpunished.

The attack on Envy Peru represents a setback for the LGBTQ+ community in the Netherlands, just days after Miss Universe Netherlands celebrated its first-ever transgender winner. In response to Peru’s Instagram post, numerous Drag Race contestants and alumni have offered support. Finalist from All-Star 8, Kandy, expressed love and remorse, while Jujubee conveyed relief that Peru is now safe, wishing they could offer comfort in person. Valentina, Drag Race Mexico’s host, also shared her experiences of being targeted and thanked Peru for speaking up against such incidents.