Outspoken transgender TV personality Caitlyn Jenner has found herself under scrutiny once again as LGBTQ+ activists accused her of undermining the trans rights movement.

Jenner, who courageously came out as trans in 2015, initially received global praise; however has faced criticism for her recent actions that have distanced her from the trans community.

The former Olympic champion has drawn attention for endorsing restrictions on trans athletes’ participation in women’s events and criticising what she terms “woke” culture and the “rainbow mafia.” Jenner also joined Fox News as a contributor and made an unsuccessful bid to become the Republican governor of California. Notably, she was among the voices condemning trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.


Jenner appeared unapologetic when confronted about her numerous missteps in an interview with the Evening Standard.

“I started a foundation and donated millions, including $2.5 million, to trans organisations. Honestly, I received a lot of hate for that,” Jenner explained, referring to her now-defunct charitable organisation.

“I don’t aspire to be a trans activist. That’s not my role. I want to be a trans example. I want to serve as a model for anyone struggling with gender dysphoria because, despite being rare, it’s a real experience. I want to demonstrate that you can persevere and lead a fulfilling life. My life is proof of that.”

“This is who I am, whether you accept it or not. If you don’t, that’s fine – I don’t need your approval. I have many people in my corner, many friends,” she added.

In April, Black trans reality star Ts Madison drew attention to what she referred to as Jenner’s “white privilege” in the fight for trans rights. Madison emphasised that, while she disagrees with Jenner’s choices and actions, she still recognises her as a transgender individual.

“Caitlyn did a lot of things during and after her transition. I don’t align with her, but I don’t deny her trans identity because she is still trans. However, she remains a divisive figure with a lot of flaws,” Madison expressed in a video shared on her YouTube channel.