Lukas Gage, the star of “Dead Boy Detectives,” recently discussed his path to understanding his own sexuality, describing a pivotal moment in a refreshingly candid manner.

Although Gage’s rapid engagement, marriage, and subsequent divorce from Chris Appleton grabbed headlines, he has been more reserved when speaking about his sexuality, previously criticising the public’s fascination with it before openly addressing it last year.

During a May 7th appearance on the “Seek Treatment” podcast, hosted by “Hacks” writer Pat Regan and “The Lovebirds” actress Catherine Cohen, Gage disclosed that his realisation about being gay came about unexpectedly. The actor shared that the epiphany occurred while he became intimate with his neighbour.


The backstory emerged while Gage was auditioning for “The Little Mermaid” under Sofia Coppola’s direction. During the audition, he was encouraged to share a personal story that made him feel vulnerable. Overcome with emotion, Gage revealed his then-secret relationship with his neighbor, which he had kept hidden from his family.

“I was still kind of closeted,” Gage confessed. “They asked me to talk about something vulnerable or a secret I was hiding, and I just started bawling, admitting I was sleeping with my neighbour and hiding it from everyone.”

The relationship with his neighbour, which began with shared activities like listening to records and playing PlayStation, eventually turned romantic. “After about a month or two, he just said, ‘Alright, I’m going to kiss you now,’ and we ended up dating for three years,” Gage explained.

Gage also recounted another significant memory involving a former girlfriend, who played a role in his journey toward self-acceptance. He humorously remembered how she, sporting a lower back tattoo that read ‘trust no b*tch,’ playfully suggested he might be gay during an intimate moment.

Gage, known for his roles in “The White Lotus” and “You,” briefly married celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton in a high-profile ceremony attended by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Shania Twain in 2023, only to part ways six months later.