Following on from a successful Rainbow Games, Auckland has been shortlisted as one of the ten cities vying to be the host of the 2030 Gay Games.

The bidding process for the 2030 Gay Games began in January 2024, with 25 cities from across five continents expressing interest. Ten cities have advanced to the next round by submitting their letters of intent and the required bid fees. These cities, having engaged in various preparatory meetings such as informational sessions, Q&A interactions, and individual consultations, are gearing up for the next steps.

The other cities progressing in the bid process include Adelaide and Melbourne in Australia, Cape Town in South Africa, Denver and Vancouver in North America, Frankfurt in Germany, and Taipei in Taiwan.


Each city is now preparing to submit the initial version of its “bid book,” which organisers will have the opportunity to present in person at the FGG Annual General Assembly in Washington, DC, in August 2024.

Austin Manning, Officer of Site Selection, remarked on the diverse global interest: “This record-breaking interest for hosting the 2030 Gay Games showcases a truly global sports and culture movement with regions around the world taking the first step in bidding to host the Gay Games quadrennial event.”

“As regions and countries around the world continue to take legislative and social action to protect human rights and create pathways to equality for all,” Manning ads, “the 2030 Long List includes 10 cities committed to empowering, uplifting, and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community at home and abroad.”

The final three cities will be announced in December 2024.