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Joanna Murray Smith

Deciphering The Root of Ripley

One of Australia’s greatest contemporary playwrights, Joanna Murray-Smith, talks about ATC’s latest production of her play Switzerland, based on the renowned queer author Patricia...

Celebrating Seven Decades of Dance: Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Lightscapes

Illuminating the stage, Lightscapes promises to be an extraordinary celebration of the RNZB's 70-year legacy and a testament to the company’s vibrant future. The Royal...

Intersectional Gay Love in Basmati Bitch

Playwright Ankita Singh (Basmati Bitch) talks about the importance of including a variety of class, caste, religion, and sexuality, in her Asian characters. Like a...

Capturing The Golden Gays

The highly acclaimed global World Press Photo Exhibition, which is seen in over 60 cities around the globe each year, returns for the first...

Ben Kilby-Henson: Queering Leadership

Benjamin Kilby-Henson, Co-Director of Auckland Theatre Company’s King Lear, ponders the question, ‘How does my queerness influence my work and artistic output?’ Well, fuck, I...

Kinky Boots Shines with Dazzling Brilliance at Auckland’s Civic Theatre

Kinky Boots, a vivacious musical concoction of compelling storytelling and intoxicating musical score, made its triumphant debut at Auckland’s Civic Theatre last night, bringing...
The Most Naked

The Most Naked: A Deep Dive into Hannah Tasker-Poland’s Exploration of Eroticism and Identity

Produced, written, directed, and performed by force-of-nature movement alchemist Hannah Tasker-Poland, with the live musical wizardry of internationally renowned composer and musician Lucien Johnson, The...

Judy Virago Is Loud & Queer

The 2023 NZ International Comedy Festival With Best Foods Mayo is about to get even camper with the New Zealand Comedy Trust’s brand new event - Loud & Queer,...

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