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Fez Faanana’s Briefs Have Never Been So Dirty

Over Zoom, Fez Faanana is a mild-mannered, considered creative who cares deeply for indigenous rights. On stage, his alter ego Shivannah is the commanding,...

Creator Jennifer Saunders Teases New Absolutely Fabulous

In a promising update for the queer community and comedy aficionados alike, Jennifer Saunders, the genius behind the beloved British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, has...

From Barbra to Miley: Bernadette Robinson’s Favourite DIVAS

Tauranga Arts Festival Artistic Director Shane Bosher discusses DIVAS with Australian theatre legend Bernadette Robinson. Bernadette Robinson is bringing her remarkable talent to the Auckland...
Mysterious Ways

Must-See Film: “Mysterious Ways” Sheds Light on LGBTQ+ Love Amid Religious and Cultural Challenges

Set in Aotearoa, New Zealand, “Mysterious Ways” delves into the passionate love story of an English Anglican vicar and his Samoan boyfriend, providing a...
Joanna Murray Smith

Deciphering The Root of Ripley

One of Australia’s greatest contemporary playwrights, Joanna Murray-Smith, talks about ATC’s latest production of her play Switzerland, based on the renowned queer author Patricia...

Celebrating Seven Decades of Dance: Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Lightscapes

Illuminating the stage, Lightscapes promises to be an extraordinary celebration of the RNZB's 70-year legacy and a testament to the company’s vibrant future. The Royal...

Intersectional Gay Love in Basmati Bitch

Playwright Ankita Singh (Basmati Bitch) talks about the importance of including a variety of class, caste, religion, and sexuality, in her Asian characters. Like a...

Capturing The Golden Gays

The highly acclaimed global World Press Photo Exhibition, which is seen in over 60 cities around the globe each year, returns for the first...

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