GLBT Rights Bill Introduced in the US Senate


Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey has introduced a Bill in the US Senate, which if passed would create a new International envoy, whose job would be to promote, protect and defend LGBT rights.globally.

“For he United States to hold true to our commitment to defending the Human Rights of all people around he world, we must stand with the LGBT community in their struggle for recognition and equality everywhere,” he said in statement.
“We applaud Senator Markey’s leadership on this important bill to ensure that protecting the human rights of LGBT people remains a key element of America’s foreign policy vision,” said Human Rights First’s Shawn Gaylord.
“At a time when nations around the world such as Uganda, Russia, and Brunei are enacting laws and policies that discriminate against LGBT people, it is critical that the State Department support one of the most important human rights initiatives of the Obama Administration to promote safety and freedom from persecution for all, including those targeted for their sexual orientation or gender identity.”
Here at express we will follow the progress of the Senator’s Bill and keep you updated.
 Article | Paul Rose