Starting From Scratch. New Zealand’s Most Inclusive New Home Builder GJ Gardner explains the benefits of building you own home.

Building your own home is a dream that many people hold dear. It can often be more affordable than most people realise. If you are in a position to buy an existing home, you are in a position to build one.

There are many reasons to build a new home. You may find the perfect section and need to build a home. The quip; location, location, location, may be over-used, but its importance holds true. Alternatively, there may be no houses that suit your needs in the area you wish to live, therefore prompting you to build.


Building your own is also a chance to express your personality, and to meet your individual needs. These may be anything from extra space for a boat, a purpose-built home theatre room, or incorporating special spaces for pets. Another reason is to get all those little annoying details with a previous houses right! Things like having a step down into a living area, a bathroom with no windows, or not being positioned for the sun. It is all possible when building your own home, (depending on your budget)

There is currently an abundance of building activity around Auckland, with plenty of sub-divisions offering sections for sale. The rest of the country and especially Christchurch also has a high level of building developments. Prices of sections obviously vary depending on location, size, and desirability. While house building can also vary depending on your area, relative to local consents, contractors, and local materials.

GJ Gardner have made a name for themselves as one of the most inclusive home builders in the country. From producing kitchens that cater for specific dietary requirements to supporting all sectors of the community; they are inclusive of their customers diverse needs.

For more information on building your own home visit or call 0800 42 45 46.

Photo | GJ Gardner’s Grant & Ellie Porteous.