Now Auckland Fringe has finally put out it’s program, the festival is shaping up to feature a cluster of theatre gems. One of the strangest looking show on offer is the R18 rated, Loose Dick Kiddies Show. Express had to find out more, so we caught up with created and star Daryl Wrightson to get some answers! 

Tell us a bit about your show. What inspired you to create it?

Many COCKtails, special cookies and staying up late at night to watch Playschool, Southpark and Jerry Springer. Every adult has a favourite children’s T.V show which they look back at later and realise how naughty it was. It’s all shits and giggles till someone giggles and shits.


We notice that its R18! What sort of outrageous activity earns it this rating?

The show is jammed packed with cheeky situations, drug use, nudity and foul language. There is a line and we didn’t just cross it, we jumped over it. Let’s hope the Mums and Dads realize this isn’t for little kiddies.

What’s with the title?

We wanted it to be naughty and captivating. Sex sells, we wanted to grab people’s attention. Who can refuse a bit of Dick? Not us, that’s for sure!

Whose your favourite character in the show and why?

Pat the pre-op Postman, because he’s willing to discuss and sing about the in-depth details of his lost package. Have you seen it?

What about the show would appeal to a gay audience?      

The show hosts an all gay cast, excluding the fag hag (although I’m sure she’s dabbled). The show features our favourite friends Lily the lesbian, and every Queer loves Hump Me Dump Me in the dark. Is Dick part of the family? Come and find out.

What’s your favourite line from the play?  

“Shit on my chest”, and, ” fuck me sideways!”

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