Church of England Condemned Over ‘Gay Cure’ Conference


The Church of England has been criticised by GLBT activists over its failure to speak out against controversial therapy which claims to divert gay people to heterosexuality.

The Church of England has been criticised for failing to condemn a Christian conference which backed a “cure” for homosexuality.

The Telegraph has revealed  that a member of the Church’s General Synod was one of the principle organisers of the controversial gathering which promoted therapies for “unwanted same-sex attractions”.


Speakers at the one-day conference said that homosexuality was an “assault” on God’s creation.
A series of presentations to a 150-strong audience in central London suggested some gay people who volunteered to undergo specialist therapeutic treatment could become heterosexual.

A spokesman for Stonewall, the gay rights group, said: “A conference like this demonstrates that there is still a lot more for Stonewall to do.

“Sexuality is not something that can, or should, be cured.

“The only thing we’re hoping to cure is discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Britain and overseas.”

Article | Levi Joule.