Colin Craig Admits to “Inappropriate” Interactions With Former Press Secretary


The former Conservative party leader has admitted to “inappropriate” interactions with his former press secretary. 

Colin Craig has today admitted he had engaged in “inappropriate” behaviour with his former press secretary Rachael MacGregor including forgiving a $20,000 loan.

In a statement, Mr Craig said that he had not wanted to address allegations about his conduct with regard to Ms MacGregor, but that in the absence of information, media and others had been wrongly “filling in the gaps”.


Craig did not address the claim that he wrote a poem to Ms MacGregor.

The well known GLBT rights opponent said that in hindsight, some of his and Ms MacGregor’s actions may have been “inappropriate,” but rejects claims circulating on social media and blogs that he had sexually harassed the former Conservative party staff member.

 Article | Levi Joule.