Freeheld Actress Speaks Out: “Everyone Should Have the Right to Have a Family.”

Actress Julianne Moore arrives at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto, March 1, 2015.

Julianne Moore has waded into the public debate currently raging in Italy after being asked a series of questions by an Italian reporter at a Berlin Film festival film festival.

The Academy Award winner was asked a question by a Italian reporter who had  wanted to know the actress’ opinion on whether it was right for same-sex couples to raise a child together.

Italy’s parliament is currently considering a same-sex civil unions bill which would also allow a man or woman to adopt their same-sex partner’s biological child


Responding to the question, the mother of two said “having a family is a matter of human rights.”

“Everyone should have the right to have a family. People taking care of each other, that’s what it means to be a family.” Moore said.