Dichotomy is an unfortunate reality of our society. Male and female represent an outdated understanding of ‘this or that’ gender dynamics, and ideas of ‘good and bad’ reduce the complexity of human existence into boxes by which we are forced to live our lives. Straight or gay is another that melts the brain – particularly for those of us who find a medium somewhere in the spectrum between these two spaces.

The best way to break these established norms? Talking about it! Education and visibility is the best faucet for change.

What’s more – let’s talk about it over a picnic basket full of sweet treats among like minded folk.


The Wellington Bisexual Women’s Group have organized a Bi-friendly Picnic as part of the 2016 Wellington Pride Festival | Tū whakahīhī e Te Whanganui-ā-Tara.

“We pulled together our event pitch at a leisurely afternoon at the Southern Cross, with wide ranging discussion and lots of laughs and a few tears.  We continue to plan more events over leisurely potluck dinners and are looking forward to our picnic” says co-organizer Kay Scarlet.

Kay goes on to say that “bisexuals are often accused of “sitting on the fence”. In reality, we’d rather picnic in an open space without fences where we can invite our friends, our lovers, our children and others, without worrying about identity labels. The Wellington Bisexual Women’s Group has enjoyed open picnics and shared meals for over 20 years and is happy to host an all genders bi-friendly picnic for the Wellington Pride Festival.”

Taking place this Sunday 13 March at The Dell in the Wellington Botanical Gardens, Tinakori Road, Wellington from 1pm, the Bi-Friendly Picnic addresses an oft neglected section of the LGBT community in a fun, engaging, and enjoyable way!

“This gathering will give people interested in building a bifriendly community in Wellington a chance to meet, share food and stories in a relaxed, welcoming environment. We can talk about future events, about networking and supporting each other. Whether you’ve been to every Out In the Park event this week, or this will be your first, come on down and eat delicious food with us in a beautiful place.”