Government Dedicates Further Funds to GLBT Youth Initiatives


The government has dedicated around $500,000 in the last three years to providing services and support for GLBT young people, with a further $20,000 of dedicated funding being announced by Youth Minister Nikki Kaye.

The additional funding will be dedicated to GLBT young people who who are leaving school and entering employment, education or training.
“This is a time of change and often uncertainty for all young people, but LGBTI young people can face additional challenges when making this transition,” says Ms Kaye. “The funding will go towards tools that support LGBTI young people to develop the resilience needed to safely navigate the new and sometimes difficult circumstances they find themselves in.

Creative communications agency Curative has been chosen to work with LGBTI young people to develop the support tools, which may include video-based resources for mentors, leadership workshops and hui.


“Curative has strong relationships with the LGBTI community, and a proven track record working collaboratively with young people to support positive mental health and wellbeing.”

Last year, the cross-agency response document Supporting LGBTI Young People in New Zealand highlighted work happening across Government to support GLBT young people. The funding announced will support a number of objectives highlighted in the response, including seeing that the LGBTI youth sector is strengthened and supported.

“The Government continues to support LGBTI young people and I’m committed to ensuring that they thrive, achieve and feel a sense of belonging.”