OUTLine Announce New Board


Following an AGM on Monday 27 June, a new board has been put in place at OUTLine, a telephone and face-to-face counselling service for the rainbow community.

The new board consist of eight community members who are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for queer people in need. These board members are all but one featured in the image above. From left to right, the board is Allen Sendles, Allyson Hamblett, Toni Duder, Gary Denney, Hayden Bigelow, Cissy Rock, and Audrey Hutcheson. Jim Marjoram completes the team but was unfortunately unable to appear in the photo.

OUTLine General Manager Trevor Easton says that the board offers “a range of community skills with more diversity.”


He says this is extremely important because of the huge increase in demand for OUTLine’s counselling services from all corners of our community.

“The demand for OUTLine services has grown dramatically over the last few years and with a  more diverse board, this will enable OUTLine to move to the next level of service to our community.”

Image | Trevor Easton