Modern Living: Reconciling Religion and Sexuality


Reconciling homosexual and Christian identities is a difficult task faced by many members of out community. Historically, queer Christians have struggled to find a space in which they can openly express their sexuality while being accepted in the Christian community.

In New Zealand, we are lucky to have a number of Christian institutions who support the rainbow community. St Matthews-in-the-City has been marching in the Auckland Pride Parades and opening it’s doors to everyone for countless years. There are also a number of churches in New Zealand who are challenging the norm and progressing to not only accepting and affirming the GLBT community but also advocating for them.

As conversations around being homosexual and a Christian are becoming prevalent in our social discourse, many people who have turned away or were turned away from by religion are re-discovering their faith.


Proud to Play founder Craig Watson, along with a team in Auckland, have joined together to form a conference to promote and encourage this community.


Awaken Conference will hold traditional type session with worship and messages from our international guest speaker and well as some great local speakers. There will also be a number of seminars to discuss some specific topics and offer education to pastors and leaders from churches wanting to support this community.

Justin Lee who, founder of the Gay Christian Network and author of the book ‘Torn’, will also be in attendance.

Examples of these seminars include

●  We Are Family! – How To Parent An LGBT Christian

●  Queer Love! – Navigating GLBT Relationships
●  The T In LGBT – Discover Our Trans Tribe
●  Love Yourself! – Taking Care Of Your Mental & Emotional Health

●  Coming Out! – Being Who God Made You To Be.

●  What Does The Bible Say? – A Theological Discussion About Sexuality And Identity.

The event is being At All Saints Church on Ponsonby Road which has been open to the GLBT community for a long time.

Awaken Conference

21-24 October 2016 (Labour Weekend)

All Saints Church, Ponsonby

Early Bird Fee: Students $39 Adult $89

For more information visit