The Daily Beast journalist Nico Hines has experienced major media backlash after creating a fake Grindr profile to out queer Olympians during the Rio Olympics. Now, Tongan Swimmer and out gay man Amini Fonua has taken to twitter to express his disgust.

Fonua is the first athlete to speak out against the actions of Hines, possibly because of safety reasons and focus during their time at the Rio Olympics.

He took to twitter and delivered an unapologetic smack down of Hines and his actions.


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Emotionally worded and condemnatory of Hines’ actions, Fonua acted as the voice of the many athletes outed by the The Daily Beast journalist. He also brought to light the safety risks that have been brought about by the article, which has since been removed from the website, for athletes who live in countries still unaccepting of queerness.

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The Daily Beast have since issued an apology, however the damage has irrevocably been done.