Bill Leaks Strikes Again with Offensive Cartoon

Nazi soldiers in rainbow uniform

Image: The Australian

The Australian has recently published a cartoon by Bill Leaks depicting goose-stepping Nazi soldiers in rainbow-coloured uniform. The caption underneath reads “Waffen-SSM”: a play on the Waffen-SS, who were an armed faction of Hitler’s SS responsible for running the concentration and extermination camps of Nazi Germany, and same-sex marriage (SSM).

It is obvious that the point of this is to illustrate Leaks’ thoughts that the plebiscite and push for marriage equality as being pushed by LGBT+ advocates in a military-like manner. There is no question that this has gone past the point of controversial to being universally decried as offensive.


A similar situation arose earlier when Leaks published a cartoon of Aboriginal Australians last month, with Leaks saying that opponents were “sanctimonious Tweety birds having a tantrum”.

David Pope, cartoonist of another prominent Australian newspaper – The Canberra Times – threw his own outrage into the mix, tweeting about Richard Grune, a gay cartoonist famously imprisoned by the Nazis.

Leaks may want to apply some ice for that final burn.