Lesbian Woman Murdered Days After Christmas

Kerrice Lewis lesbian murdered Washington D.C
Kerrice Lewis

A lesbian woman was found by Police in Washington, D.C in the boot of a car that was on fire, a few days after Christmas, on December 28.

Kerrice Lewis, 23, had been shot and put in the boot of her car that was then set on fire. She died before medics arrived at the scene.

Raised by her grandfather William Sharp, Lewis’ mother died of a brain aneurysm when she was a child, her father was murdered the following year.

Sharp described his granddaughter as being “full of life” and would “light up a room, just talking and laughing”.


Her death came only a week after the quadruple homicide in upstate New York in which a lesbian couple Shanta Myers, 36 and Brandi H. Mells, 22 as well as Myers’ two children, Shanise, aged five and Jeremiah, aged eleven, were murdered. Two men face first-degree murder charges related to their deaths.

Left to right: Shanta Myers 36; her son Jeremiah, 11; daughter Shanise, 5; and partner Brandi Mells, 22.