Auckland’s Pride Parade wasn’t without protest this year, with two people protesting access to hormone therapy for transgender youth at the very front of the parade.

Walking in front of the Saturday’s parade were two people holding a sign that read “stop giving kids sex hormones, protect lesbian youth”.

The pair, who call themselves “feminist activists”, have since sent out a press release in which protestor Renée Gerlich, from Wellington, says “Organisations like RainbowYouth and InsideOut, as well as the Pride Parade, must stop endorsing medical experimentation, child abuse, sexist stereotyping, and the destruction of female-only and lesbian spaces.”

A blog written by Gerlich shows a large number of transphobic articles alongside anti-prostitution articles.


RainbowYOUTH says the banner reflects a wider conversation around trans people within the rainbow community “that focuses on challenging the legitimacy of their identities and posing gender diverse issues as being something directly opposed to feminism and women’s rights.”

The organisation says its services are geared toward informed decision making, building the resilience of young people and equipping them with the skills they need to navigate life.

Rainbow Greens have also released a public statement regarding the protest in which the co-convenors of the Rainbow Greens say they are “aware one of the trans-exclusionary radical feminists who protested at pride against the availability of hormone therapy for trans youth is a Green Party member.”

“Their actions do not align with the Green Party kaupapa of non-violence, or the Green Party kaupapa of responsible decision making by way of scientific accuracy,” they wrote.

“The Green Party stands with the transgender community.”

express has contacted Auckland Pride Festival for comment.