Netsafe Shows its Support and Offers Advice to LGBT+ Communities


Netsafe are wanting to make sure the LGBT+ communities know that something can be done if they are experiencing harassment, bullying or abuse online.

The Netsafe page reminds LGBT+ communities, “Bullying and harassment based on your sexuality, sex characteristics and gender identity can make you feel isolated or alone, and make it difficult to explore and express your identity. If you are struggling with online bullying and harassment remember that there are services that can help.”

The agency is available to help seven days a week and can provide free and confidential help regarding line bullying, harassment and abuse.

These online issues can include things like being ‘outed’ by someone online, someone spreading rumours or lies about you, being hacked or impersonated, someone repeatedly sending you unwanted messages and someone sharing nude or intimate photos of you.


Their tips for dealing with these situations are to take a breath, reach out to someone you can trust or an organisation like RainbowYOUTH or OUTLine, keep evidence and report it.

Take a look at their info for LGBT+ communities here.