Clinical Director Brandy Wehinger and Clinical Support Suzie White answer our questions about NZ’s favourite skin and appearance specialists, Caci.

What are the most popular procedures for men to have performed at the clinic? 

Brandy: They come in for pretty much every treatment; Chillsculpt (body sculpting) and laser hair removal, appearance medicine to their frowns and to reduce underarm sweating, dermal fillers and facial shaping and the gentlemen with a history of skin concerns or acne scarring come in for our Skin Health Treatment plan and Micro-needling. Our customers come to us because they value their skin and want to reduce the signs of ageing.


Do these procedures take long?

Suzie: Most of our treatments can be completed within your lunch break and you can return to work immediately afterwards. We discuss all the details of your treatment with you at your consultation, including aftercare and schedule appointments to suit you, including the option of late-night bookings.

Tell us about some of the most rewarding times you have helped members of our community? 

Suzie: Each and every consultation and treatment brings its own reward; however, one of my most memorable experiences, one I felt so privileged to share, was supporting a customer at the very beginning of her (transition) journey.  Her treatment included feminisation of features through the use of dermal fillers and muscle relaxing treatments; her reaction when viewing herself for the first time post-treatment was a very emotional experience as up till that time she had not thought such a change was possible. 

What steps does Caci take to ensure patients feel as comfortable as possible? 

Brandy: Feeling comfortable with your treatment provider is key. The philosophy at Caci is that we aim to provide skin confidence for all of our customers. We are an inclusive, rather than exclusive skin clinic. This is also reflected in our training. We strive to make sure our training includes a wide variety of face shapes, genders, gender identities, ethnicities and ages. Our goal is to provide the best treatments and outcomes for all New Zealanders.

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