The study finds “dudebros” are less supportive of LGBT+ rights and express their masculinity in “entitled, obnoxious, and toxic ways.”

A surprising new study has found that older people are more supportive of LGBT+ communities than millennial men.

Published in Sexuality Research and Social Policy, the study conducted by sociologist Dr Meredith G.F Worthen from the University of Oklahoma identifies “dudebros” as “typically young (millennial), straight, white males of privilege.”


Dr Worthen says millennial men tend to express their masculinity in “entitled, obnoxious, and toxic ways” which can be anti-LGBT.

Using data collected from a survey of 3,104 people in 2018 — 13.5 per cent of whom were young men — Worthen makes the argument that millennial men or “dudebros” confirm their own masculinity by disparaging or discriminating against LGBT people and women.

Respondents were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with a number of key statements on LGBT and women’s rights — and found that millennial men were less supportive of LGBT affirming statements in contrast to previous studies.

Dr Worthen concludes that “overall, the current study shows that millennial men are notably less supportive of LGBT people and women than previous work has found.”