Manchester United’s openly LGBT+ manager has spoken out about homophobia in sport, saying that accepting LGBT+ people isn’t enough and that conversations should instead be focused on human rights and equality for all.

Speaking with BBC Sport, the former player and now head coach of Manchester United’s women’s team Casey Stoney, says “Why should my life just be accepted?”

“It’s like I have to be accepted by society and I don’t like it. It’s not the right word to use if we’re talking about equality and human rights and just loving another human being.”


“It should be the most normal thing in the world.”

Stoney who publically came out in 2014 adds, “The language we use is really important because we live in a world where anybody can say anything on social media. Young people use different language than I did. They throw certain terms around and use the word ‘gay’ in a derogatory way.”

“When I hear people say sexuality is a ‘life choice’ you obviously don’t know enough about it because if you knew enough about the life you have to live and certain choices you have to make and the way you are prejudiced against and stereotyped, then it’s not an easy life to live so why would you choose it?”

The football manager who revealed that she came-out after being inspired by Driver Tom Daley adds that she feels people should “choose to educate” themselves more.

“I want to educate myself all the time so I’m not ignorant, I don’t use the wrong language and to make sure I understand and empathise with the difficulties that people face day-to-day so I’m not a part of that.”

“And actually, not just accepting that I’m not part of it, but challenging it every single day to say that’s not right and we need to be better.”