Apparently, the word on the street is that purchasing a home is hard, and it’s easier to keep renting, especially if you are a first-home buyer. But imagine the fun and the freedom you can have in a home you own!

Getting on the property ladder is challenging, especially in Auckland, but it’s not impossible. The team at Du Val are passionate about home ownership and wealth creation which is why they are on a mission to change the conversation and talk positively about how people can close the gap between dreaming about buying their own home and making it a reality.

Speaking with express, Du Val’s advice is that if you want to own a home, there’s always a way.


We find many people don’t realise the benefits that come from buying a property off the plan before it’s even built. Not only do you get to own a brand new, energy-efficient home, but buying off the plan gives people plenty of time to save more money before needing to settle. Also, because loan-to-value ratios for new builds are often lower, the initial deposit paid to secure the property can be smaller.

To add to the upside, we’re also seeing plenty of our properties increase in value during the construction period. Take, for example, our Rata Terraces development; we had some buyers experience capital gains of nearly $150,000, which for many people is life-changing and provides a massive head start in their property journey before they’ve even moved in!


Many first-home buyers don’t understand what assistance they’re eligible to receive. They see standard deposit rates and think that they’ll never even get to that point, especially when house prices are increasing. But recent changes to the Government’s First Home Grant and First Home Loan Scheme, which make the property price caps more in line with market prices, means more first-home buyers can get the help they need without having to front up with a 20% deposit.

Buying off the plan supports home ownership for people in so many different circumstances. Whether you’re on your own, in a relationship and buying as a couple, or you could be buying with friends. It means you can purchase a property and then build up savings before needing to settle.

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Du Val’s property sites, while they’re not in central Auckland, are located in some of Auckland’s highest growth areas and are close to key transport amenities.

The capital gains and positive growth trajectory for rental returns mean our homes are attractive to both first-home buyers and those interested in purchasing a rental property.  

The team at Du Val get to know every buyer and their unique situation. Because they are committed to helping people achieve their dream of home ownership, Du Val works closely with you right through the construction period to make sure you can complete your property purchase and live in a home you can call your own.

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