Pandora Nox is the first AFAB (assigned female at birth) winner in Drag Race’s nearly 15-year ‘herstory’.

Pandora Nox has emerged as the first cisgender woman to clinch the title in the Drag Race series, marking a milestone with her victory in the debut season of Drag Race Germany. This triumph is not only a first for the franchise’s nearly 15-year history but also a groundbreaking achievement for Pandora, a 30-year-old drag performer who identifies as AFAB (assigned female at birth).

This historic win for Pandora Nox comes in the first season of Drag Race Germany, which launched in September 2023. Her victory is celebrated not only for breaking gender barriers but also for representing the lesbian community, as she is the first lesbian champion in the Drag Race series.


Before Pandora, Victoria Scone made headlines in 2021 as the first cisgender woman contestant in any Drag Race franchise during her stint on Drag Race UK. However, an injury led to her early departure from the show. She later competed in Canada Vs. The World, reaching the finals but ultimately lost to Rajah O’Hara.

Another significant contestant, Clover Bish, appeared as the second cis woman in the series on Drag Race España, finishing in fifth place amidst controversies over her treatment on the show.

Pandora Nox quickly became a fan favorite in Drag Race Germany, showcasing her talents by winning both the mini and maxi challenges in the first episode. She continued to impress throughout the season, securing wins in the season’s ball challenge and the fourth episode’s runway, despite facing the bottom two on a couple of occasions.

The climax of the season saw Pandora perform a dance to RuPaul’s “Call Me Mother” alongside finalists Metamorkid and Yvonne Nightstand. Her ultimate victory was sealed with a stirring lip-sync performance to Eurovision star Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like a Phoenix,” leading to an outpouring of fan support.

Pandora Nox’s win is seen as a significant step towards greater inclusivity in the Drag Race franchise, with many now anticipating the introduction of drag kings in future seasons.