Andrew Tate, known for his openly misogynistic and homophobic views, has sparked controversy again with his latest comments on sexual relations, claiming that men who engage in sex with women purely for pleasure are, in his words, “gay”.

Tate, who recently criticised YouTube personality Mr Beast for supporting transgender rights, shared an unconventional take on heterosexual sex via his X account, saying, “Any man who has sex with women because it ‘feels good’ is gay,” followed by a sarcastic jab about men over 40 with fewer than five children possibly being gay as well. He added, “All that feel-good pee pee sex and hardly any genetic legacy?”

The statement quickly became the subject of ridicule, attracting a flurry of comments from both detractors and followers puzzled by Tate’s assertions.


Amidst the reactions, one user pointed out, “You’re really close to realising you’re gay,” while another highlighted, “There’s a reason that homophobia is defined to include a fear of being gay,” suggesting Tate might be struggling with personal issues.

Tate, who was previously banned from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, suggested his comment was meant as a joke. He responded to a user mocking the serious reception of his post with two smiling emojis, hinting he didn’t intend for his words to be taken at face value.

Tate is currently facing serious legal challenges and was recently extradited to the UK from Romania; he and his brother Tristan face multiple charges, including sexual aggression and human trafficking. Both have denied the allegations, with Andrew describing them as “very innocent men.”

Despite the ongoing legal battles and negative press, Tate’s influence remains significant among young British males. A recent poll indicated that nearly one in four boys aged 13-15 in the UK views him positively.