Several German national footballers are reportedly planning to come out on 17 May, coinciding with the International Day Against Homophobia.

According to German News Paper Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung, the collective coming out is part of a broader plan called Sports Free, which aims to challenge the norms within the sport and promote greater acceptance and visibility for LGBTQ+ athletes.

Marcus Urban, a former German footballer who came out after retiring and was among the first globally to do so, is closely involved with this movement through his role as a co-founder of Diversero.


Urban highlighted the significance of choosing 17 May, suggesting it as a symbolic date for collective action, saying, “May 17th is an offer … A date that you could use as a guide and get together as a group.”

The planned collective outing is said to be being discussed actively in a private group chat among players and is also reported to be part of a documentary titled Hide and Seek, which aims to tell the personal and collective stories of the players involved, shedding light on the pressures they face and the courage required to live openly.

Speaking about the collective coming out, Urban touched upon the existence of gay couples within the German Football League (Bundesliga) who remain hidden due to prevailing societal pressures.

“There are also gay Bundesliga couples who are in hiding. That would be so liberating. What’s wrong with it?” he remarked, highlighting the potential for liberation and honesty that such a collective coming out could foster.

Despite the progressive steps in women’s football, where LGBTQ+ representation is more visible and celebrated, men’s football, especially in leagues like the Premier League, still lacks openly gay players. The contrast between the environments in men’s and women’s football underscores the ongoing challenges and the significant work ahead in achieving equality and acceptance in sports.