RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9 has already featured some of the most memorable runways in the show’s history, while one queen reportedly spent a staggering quarter of a million dollars on her outfits.

Just three episodes into All Stars 9, several runways from the eight-queen cast have already made their mark in Drag Race history, with drag icons like Roxxxy Andrews, Shannel, and Angeria Paris VanMicheals competing for charity, it’s no wonder. However, one queen has allegedly taken things to a whole new level.

During a viewing party for episode three, hosted by All Stars 8’s Naysha Lopez at the renowned Roscoe’s Tavern in Chicago, it was revealed that Plastique Tiara supposedly spent $250,000 (over $400,000 NZD) preparing for her appearance.


The party, which featured Naysha along with guests Willam and Scarlett Bobo, included a video posted on X showing the queens discussing this season’s high-calibre drag.

“She looked absolutely stunning,” Naysha remarked about the Kitsune-inspired runway worn by Plastique, a season 11 star.

“Rumour has it… allegedly, that she spent $250,000 on her runways. Did you hear that? $250,000. Three zeroes,” Naysha continued.

“So far, it f**king looks like it. Everything is stoned for the gods, the hair is custom for every single [look], it’s looking sickening.”

Plastique Tiara, who is the most followed Drag Race alum on Instagram, has already wowed fans with a giant set of automated golden wings in the premiere episode, won the ball challenge with three looks (one of which she designed in the werk room), and impressed with her Tail and Two Titties offering.

All eight queens in this non-elimination season, which also includes Nina West, Jorgeous, and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, are rumoured to have received an appearance fee of $50,000 ($80,000 NZD) and a $25,000 ($40,000 NZD) stipend for their looks.

Even with this stipend, Tiara would still have had to gather a significant amount of money if the reported total is accurate.

If true, Tiara’s runway budget would surpass the amounts revealed by other queens for their Drag Race appearances. Season 16 queen Hershii LiqCour-Jeté sold her car to afford the show, and Monét X Change (season 10, AS4, and AS7) disclosed that her priciest garment cost “five figures.”