Matariki is well underway! check out the fun you can have!
Original club-kid of cabaret and “Māori Queen of Scots” (THE SCOTSMAN) Mika will use the Matariki Festival to showcase both his award-winning risqué cabaret show, Māori After Dark, and newly formed tribal experience TAKI MĀORI, for a three-week season before they head to Britain to perform at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Māori After Dark is a show that explores forbidden truths from our urban Māori landscape. Traditionally the jester in Māori culture, which has somehow always been connected with Mika, has often been the character in traditional Māori ceremony to speak the unspoken. Life, love, lust, and loss are embraced in M.A.D. with stories spoken from the dark side. It has been said to be “the sexiest thing you’ll experience with your clothes on!”
From the producers of the JGeek and the Geeks and Torotoro Dance Company, comes another first: POP-UP HAKA with TAKI MĀORI. The Rhythm of New Zealand: pulse, beat, chant, stamp and clap at this tribal experience from Manurewa. A masterpiece in storytelling, unique and moving, experience the thrills of Māori arts. Travel on a journey through the South Seas revealing authentic haka (dance), waiata (song), mōteatea (poetry), tu taua (weaponry), whaikōrero (oratory) plus much more! Be part of our global movement!
Whilst the show features many surprise acts over its three week season – it is the three different spaces for the shows that are the real dark-magic. From a raw duo-performance at The Basement (July 1-4), to Mika’s own industrial warehouse (July 5-12) where seating is limited to just 20 people a night. To the final Edinburgh-bound shows at Mangere Arts Centre (July 16-19) .
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